featured weddings

Courtney and Ty
Courtney Rice & Ty Vickery
Married October 2009

Bri and Eric
Bri Shepherd & Eric O'Neill
Married September 2009



Allender and Eric
Allender LaFlamme
& Eric Durden

Married June 2009


Robin and Sean
Robin Hooker & Sean McCall
Married May 2009


Aimee and Andrew
Aimee Anthony & Andrew Morgan
Married May 2009
Jenna and Mack
Mary Beth Patton
& Michael Thrasher

Married May 2009



Jenna and Mack
Jenna Northcutt & Mack Chambers

Married May 2008

Hester and Khanh
Hester Bourne & Khanh Nguyen

Married June 2007
Emily and Keith
Emily House & Keith Atkins
Married January 2007

Carson and Rudy
Carson Brown & Rudy Weber
Married June 2006