Check out our reviews on AtlantaBridal.com & Wedding Wire. Consultants Unlimited has won Wedding Wire’s Bride’s Choice Award in 2011 and 2012.

Here are additional reviews from some of our past brides:

Our Coordinator was professional, ridiculously organized, extremely helpful and so much fun all at the same time! My husband and I got married in Athens and we knew nothing about the venues and vendors. Consultants Unlimited was awesome. Our coordinator wanted to know us and our personalities first before she gave us suggestions for vendors. Without Consultants Unlimited our wedding day would have been a mess. Because of the wonderful people at Consultants Unlimited, planning our wedding was so easy and our day went perfectly!”                                                                                                                                                                                         Dana Wolk Weinberger, married September 2011

“Consultants Unlimited was an absolute pleasure to work with! Because of our coordinator’s hard work, my husband and I didn’t worry about a single thing on our wedding day. She was always there when we needed her, handing us a drink or checking that we were okay. I would recommend her, and Consultants Unlimited, in a heartbeat!”
Heather Geiger McGuire, married May 2011

“Consultants Unlimited was AMAZING!!!!! I don’t know how we could have gotten through our day without our coordinator. She solved tons of little problems that came up and was more than prepared for the day! She brought a much used kit with her that included things I never would have thought I needed (like a glue gun!). She was a lifesaver. I really appreciate all she did for us. Our day went perfectly and she played a huge part in making that happen! Thank you, Consultants Unlimited!!!!”
Kara Vick Biloxi, married January 2011

“My Consultants Unlimited coordinator was not only a fantastic wedding coordinator she was a great source of support and encouragement throughout the entire process. When stressful situations arose she validated my thoughts and helped me move forward with finding solutions. She always listened to my thoughts and ideas and was helpful in pointing out the best method in achieving my goals for our wedding day!! We could not have made it through this process without her! The day of the wedding went so smoothly and I cannot imagine how it would have come together if she was not there to keep everyone in check! She was so friendly and always kept her cool no matter what the situation!”
Eliza Johnson Bacot, married June 2010

“Consultants Unlimited was so wonderful to work with! Our wedding would not have been what it was without our coordinator. From our first initial meeting I knew we were in good hands. She has such a sweet and kind spirit and was incredibly thorough with every single detail of the wedding, including many details that never even crossed our minds! Her precise organization made all the difference in the world on our wedding day, and I cannot imagine not having her there! “
Whitney Huffman, married June 2010

“The wedding day for my daughter was absolutely perfect in every way. The best part is that I was able to sit back and enjoy it all without worrying about the details. Consultants Unlimited handled everything for us. I cannot say enough good things! I know when my other daughter decides to get married Consultants Unlimited will be the first contract I sign. “
Anne Poe, mother of Carol Poe, married May 2010

“Consultants Unlimited rocked as my wedding coordinator. I felt like everything was in order after the meetings with her. The day of the wedding, I was able to fully let go of the planning and cherish the day. I had confidence in her ability to successfully carry out her duties. The ceremony and reception went perfectly-thanks to C.U. I am so grateful that we had them.” 
Jennifer Henderson, married October 2009

“Consultants Unlimited was a God-send – I couldn’t have done it without them! My coordinator was so helpful and had great suggestions as we planned the big day, and then her coordination on the day-of was amazing. I didn’t have to think or worry about a thing – she did that I was able to relax and enjoy my wedding day! My day went better than I could’ve imagined and I have C.U. to thank for so much. I’d highly recommend them.”
Joanna McNally, married December 2009

“I never thought I would need a wedding planner, but as the day got closer I realized I was going to need some help. When I met with my Consultants Unlimited coordinator, I could tell that she was exactly what I needed. She went above and beyond for a day of coordinator. She answered my phone call when she was on vacation and helped me through the small crisis that comes with almost every wedding. Not only was she professional, reliable, and extremely knowledgeable, she was also very much like a friend. I enjoyed all of our time together and was enthralled with how my wedding day turned out. It truly was my dream come true, and if there were any hitches, she made sure I didn’t know a thing about them.” 
Elise Lumpkin Benoit, married June 2009

“Consultants Unlimited was absolutely wonderful! My coordinator was so helpful and made everything run SO incredibly smoothly throughout the entire ceremony. She had many neat suggestions on things that we had not even thought about that made the whole process go extraordinarily perfect! I strongly recommend Consultants Unlimited for anybody’s wedding!”
Laurie Allen McCord, married August 2009

“When my mother and I decided to hire a wedding coordinator, we wanted someone that would help make all the events of the wedding run smoothly. We did not want to have to think at all on the day of the wedding! Consultants Unlimited made that happen! My mother and I were so relaxed the whole day thanks to our coordinator! She was a great help during the months leading up to the wedding too! She had a lot of great suggestions. When we had questions about different things, she quickly found the answers we needed! I would recommend a wedding coordinator to anyone!” 
Christina Alligood Stephens, married June 2009

“Our Consultants Unlimited coordinator was on the ball at our reception, taking charge of all that needed to be handled! She greeted us with food and drinks when we arrived, helped figure out logistics with the caterer and dj, and checked on us periodically to make sure all was well. I felt totally at ease knowing she was there to handle whatever came along…which is saying a lot since I’m normally the one in control!” 
Becky Holt Drayton, married May 2009

“We appreciate everything Consultants Unlimited did for us! They did not miss a beat. We honestly could not have had such a great wedding day without them. Thank you so very much!”
Jenna Northcutt and Mack Chambers, married May 2008

“We had a great experience with C.U.! Our consultant was awesome and handled our last minute changes (due to the weather) to perfection.”
Tenise Cook and Michael Pugh, married April 2008

“C.U. was such a big help on our wedding day.  It was such a relief to have someone handling all of our details. Because of C.U. was we were able to relax and enjoy the day. We would highly recommend Consultants Unlimited!”

“Our big day was beautiful and the logistics seemed to be handled flawlessly. Though there must have been challenges, C.U. made it all appear perfect and in order. C.U. was truly a blessing. Go dawgs!”
Portia Johnson and Chester Adams III, married February 2008

“I cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work and attention to detail you put into our wedding. Tony and I were able to relax and really enjoy our day. Several of my family members also mentioned how organized and professional C.U. was. Thanks for everything!”
 Faye and Tony Fleming, married September 2007

“C.U. did a fabulous job! We did not have to worry about a single detail on our wedding day and that is priceless. We could not have pulled it off without C.U. Every thing was perfect!”
Kristin Stapleton and Will Slaton, married August 2007

“C.U. was fabulous – from planning all the way through the reception. I would have never made it through without C.U. They truly made this one of the best and most memorable days of my life.”
Kim Tweedell and Brian Huff, married May 2007

“Hiring C.U. was by far one of the best decisions we made. Our coordinator was amazing. Not one detail was ignored. My mother and I did not have to think about anything during the reception. Our coordinator made sure that each event flowed smoothly into the next and that everything was right on time.”
Valeria Smith and Frank Walter, married July 2006

“WOW! I do not even know where to begin. You coordinated the most wonderful event for Carson, Rudy, and all of our guests. It would never have happened without you and I will be forever grateful to you for making Carson’s dream wedding come true.”
Priscilla Brown, mother, Carson Brown, married June 2006

“C.U. was wonderful! My only regret is that we did not get a larger package and have them even more involved. Thank you for all of your hard work.”
Lauren Cook and Trent Harrell, married May 2006

“The best investment in our wedding was our coordinator – thank you C.U.”
Jennifer Collins and Mathew Keefe, married August 2005

“C.U. made ME, ever the planner and detailer, enjoy my wedding day. Because we trusted her totally, we were able to relax and make the most of all the hard work!”
Rachel and Ben Elder, married June 2005

“If it was not for C.U. my wedding would have been a disaster! It was definitely worth every penny – one of our best investments towards the wedding. If anyone is debating the idea – do not hesitate – YOU NEED C.U!”
Marina and Nick Rapley, married May 2005

“At one point in time we thought that having a wedding coordinator was a waste of money. I have completely changed my mind. Our coordinator was perfect – I cannot imagine our wedding without C.U. Our coordinator gave us peace of mind which enabled us to actually enjoy our special day which will forever be our best wedding gift!”
Melissa Koenig and Joel McIntyre, married October 2004

“C.U. helped make my ideas, wants, and needs happen for our wedding. Of all our wedding professionals, C.U. worked the hardest and earned every penny of what we paid.”
Courtney Hall and Andrew Wynn, married October 2004

“I could not have been more pleased with our C.U. event coordinator. She was above and beyond supportive and helpful. She anticipated my every need on the evening of the wedding and the reception was perfect thanks to her gracious assistance. I give my highest recommendation and do not know what we would have done without her.”
Katherine Raczynski, married May 2004

“C.U. was one of the best things to happen to my wedding day. I have been to and been in numerous weddings and there are always problems and changes at the “11th hour.” C.U. handled EVERYTHING and went above and beyond to make sure our day was beautiful! C.U. made my life and my mother’s life much less stressful. We had terrible weather move in which changed our entire day and C.U. handled everything so that we did not have to worry!”
Dena Lewis, married September 2003

“My C.U. consultant was fantastic to work with. She consistently went above and beyond what I thought she would do. She made the planning of our ceremony and reception go smoothly and easily. It was very reassuring to have someone so friendly and professional behind me at the ceremony and reception.” 
Melissa Lakin Yarbrough, married August 2003

“Our C.U. planning coordinator attended meetings in Atlanta whenever we were in town – which usually meant working these meetings into a busy personal weekend schedule. As an out of town couple, we appreciated that so much. She offered professional, succinct, and thorough advice about things we would not have anticipated and we benefited hugely from her perspective. Our event coordinator was a tremendous presence at the wedding – seemingly in many places at once, communicating among all of the vendors and us, and anticipating and providing advice on-the-spot when needed. We are so glad we went with C.U. Thanks for everything!” 
Rachel &  Michael Rymer, married July 2003

“Our wedding could not have been more perfect and we largely have C.U. to thank for that. Everyone has remarked to us about the incredible detail of each and every aspect.  They have also raved about how proficient and yet fun-loving C.U. was in bringing it all to fruition.  We simply could not have done it without you and thank our lucky stars that we found you. Much Love.”                                                                                         
Marie Martin & Brian Heuser, married May 2003

“You are the best, and you did pull it off to help give our daughter the wedding she has always dreamed of.” 
Patricia Freese, mother of Kristan Freese, married September 2002

“The money I paid for your services was the best money of my entire wedding! I did not have to worry about one thing on my wedding day. I was free to relax and enjoy it. Thank you so much for taking care of everything!” 
Jayme Davis Zuclich, married July 2002

“Hiring C.U. was a wonderful experience! C.U. handled everything that day. I didn’t have to worry about any of the logistics or coordination. I felt comfortable with C.U. They knew what they were talking about and I had a perfect wedding!” 
Carrie Achuff Davis, married June 2002